I have had numerous blogs throughout the years. I started to have personal websites, before ‘blog’ was a thing, back in early 2000s. There were too many to mention, and some of them didn’t last long, and most have been taken down, but a couple of notable ones were:

  • my book blog Bookie Mee, which I was writing for about 10 years (up to 2018) [archive]

  • my travel blog Wandering Mee, which I was writing for about 3.5 years (2012-2015) [archive]

Together they had nearly 700 posts. Both have now been discontinued and archived. They have brought me plenty of fun and adventures, especially since I moved to London. At some point I was inundated by offers of books by multitude of publishers, enjoyed many complimentary tickets to London theatres, and I got a chance to go on a fully paid 10 days boat trip from Greece to Turkey.

But like all good adventures, it had to come to an end, as the blogs were taking a huge amount of my time and I was ready to focus on something else.

These days, I’m spending most of my spare time working on the English Literature and Creative Writing degree with the Open University. I’m doing it part time, so it would take me 6 years. I started in 2017 and will graduate in 2023.

My goal is to ultimately publish my writing (short stories, book) through the traditional publishing routes.