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The Reason I Write

January 01, 2020

Hello Blog.

So here we are again. A slate that is clean. You might’ve been my 20th. I lost count.

The last blog post I wrote was almost two years ago. What have I been up to since then?

Where to even begin.

So much. Has happened. It was a lifetime.

But then, how long is forever?

Sometimes, just one second.

Why do I come back?

Because after the dust has settled, just enough to sit down and open pages again, reading makes sense. Reading is making sense of the world. Suddenly it seems less random, some kind of patterns start appearing, and glimpses of reasons seen in the cracks.

And writing is the active action of putting things in their place. Reordering. Rearranging. Connecting the dots.

I haven’t done this a while, so please bear with me while I’m flexing my writing muscle. I don’t know how much the blogging landscape has changed, and whether this will amount to anything. All I know is I have to go down this route. I have to write, and give it my everything, because that’s the only way I know how to do anything. Jump with conviction - and hope for the best.


Authored by Dioni, who half the time wonders how she gets here. Writing is a re-arranging, to make sense of the world. [insert deactived social media links]