Self-Made Man by Norah Vincent

self made manThe author went into 18 months long of disguise as a man. That’s the gist of it. She blended in the “men’s world”: bowling league, strip club, monastery, door-to-door sales work, men’s movement retreat (yeah didn’t know such thing existed either until I read this book).

It’s a good book, and not to mention informative. But to be really honest, I kind of struggled to finish it. I put it down halfway for weeks before continuing again, and it hasn’t been a smooth ride.

I guess I found her a bit over-analyzing after a while. Although I can’t say the information that came out of it isn’t eye opening. Fact is, which she also mentioned in the book, men and women are just different. As different as two creatures from different planet. And efforts to understand our counterpart sex can lead you to point of depression.

I think it also helped that she’s a dyke. So at least there’s no attraction coming from her to any of the man (and the other way), which means all her analysis was quite objective and matter-of-fact.

I particularly like the cover of the book. I’ve seen two versions of them, both with pictures of Norah in man and woman form. She can definitely pass for both, her disguise is very believable. I find it fascinating.

Oh, and I did learn more about men ;).

~Finished on 16 March 2007

3.5 stars


“I, meanwhile, am staying right where I am: fortunate, proud, free and glad in every way to be a woman.” ~ Norah Vincent

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