Offbeat Bride by Ariel Meadow Stallings

Offbeat Bride: Taffeta-free Alternatives for Independent Brides

Can the hint be any clearer than this? Yup, I’m getting married! Of course, I’m not the type of girl who dreams of her perfect wedding since she was 5. If I could, I possibly would opt to skip the entire wedding ordeal and go straight to marriage. But after several thoughts and encouragements, I thought I wanted a party after all. Yay!

First thing first, a handbook for offbeat bride! If I am to have a wedding, there’s no way I’d want it to be traditional. Get off the beaten aisle I say! So this book is perfect. Reading all the chapters, from the super exaggerated diamond ring to wedsite (wedding site), from invitations to decor to honeymoon to ceremony. Basically all traditional aspects that you could possibly think to change or break away from.

The author, Ariel, is working at Microsoft (the geek in me likes this :). Check out the Offbeat Bride website for more stories on offbeat weddings. The photos from Ariel’s wedding here. I had always wanted an outdoor wedding, but know that in tropical country it’s probably not possible, so that’s out of the way pretty soon.

Anyway, reading all the book, I’m relieved that we’re definitely not the only ones who’d like to have an offbeat wedding (although offbeat in every country might mean differently). I should know. There are a lot of weird people in the world.

Pages: 219
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

First line
For me, the scariest part of getting engaged was feeling as if I were suddenly buying into an identity that wasn’t my own.

Last line
Wherever your aisle takes you next, here’s hoping that it kicks ass.


“This is the point in the ceremony when I usually talk about the wedding bands being a perfect circle, having no beginning and no end. But we all know that these rings do have a beginning. Rock is dug up from the earth. Metal is liquefied in a furnace at a thousand degrees. Hot metal is poured into a mold, cooled, and then painstakingly polished. Something beautiful is made from raw elements.

“Love is like that. It’s hot, dirty work. It comes from humble beginnings, made by imperfect beings. It’s the process of making something beautiful where there was once nothing at all.”

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