Bone: Treasure Hunters and Crown of Horns (Last 2 Volumes)

Bone: Treasure HuntersBone: Crown of Horns

Like all good adventure story, Bone is ended with a great battle between good and evil ala The Lord of the Rings (not that I’ve read or watched LOTR). Bone series has been such a fun journey and I’m sad that it has ended, though the ending is pretty open to possibility of a sequel. But really, Jeff Smith has spent almost 10 years to complete Bone, so let’s give the guy a break.

To recap, I wrote some sort of reviews for almost every single volume, except no 2: (Well, if not full review, it’d be an exclamation “Hey, another great volume!”)

  1. Bone Vol 1: Out from Boneville
  2. Bone Vol 2: The Great Cow Race
  3. Bone Vol 3: Eyes of the Storm
  4. Bone Vol 4: The Dragonslayer
  5. Bone Vol 5: Rock Jaw Master of the Eastern Border
  6. Bone Vol 6: Old Man’s Cave
  7. Bone Vol 7: Ghost Circles
  8. Bone Vol 8: Treasure Hunters
  9. Bone Vol 9: Crown of Horns

If I can encourage you to read one post, it’d be the first one! I wrote a rather lengthy post when I first read Bone in late 2008, in which I compared the Bone brothers with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy (I’m so surprised nobody else has!), the comparison between graphic novels and comics, and Bone the game.

It’s hard to give rating for individual volumes at this late stage of a series, but as a whole I would give it:

Took half a star off, just because some parts of storyline left me confused near the end. But the humour and characters are great, the drawings are always amazing. It’s a fantastic series and very well worth reading!

I guess this means goodbye to Bone for now… *sob*

Graphic Novels 2010 (book #2, 3)

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Bone: Old Man’s Cave and Ghost Circles

Fone Bone

The holiday time is coming closer and I find myself just want to indulge in light reading. I came back from the library last week with heaps of graphic novels. I heard a couple of times before how people who never read comics can get confused about where to look on the pages, since there are many panels and text floating all over the place. That amused me. For me comics are my comfort reads. I often have to hold myself not to go nuts over them, otherwise I can just keep reading days after days, forgetting to do anything else.

But it’s (almost) holiday time, I finished almost all of my challenges, and I’m giving myself a break over serious reading.

Old Man's CaveGhost Circles

I started with Bone Vol 6: Old Man’s Cave and Vol 7: Ghost Circles. Good old adventure story with light humour. I quickly reserved the next and last two volumes from the library and they’re on my bedside now. (There are 9 volumes of Bone altogether, and there are a couple of standalones based on the series.)

In Old Man’s Cave we get to know more of Lucius and Grandma Ben’s past and who the Lord of the Locust is. More of that in Ghost Circles. I still don’t quite get what Ghost Circles are. Some parts of storyline get a bit confusing.

The references to Moby Dick is endearing like always. The part where the Bone brothers turn into characters from Moby Dick is so funny!

bone moby dick 2

4 stars for both
1999, 2001

Challenge: Graphic Novels 2009 (book #18, 19)

Bone Vol 5: Rock Jaw Master of the Eastern Border by Jeff Smith

I’ve been talking about Bone for the last 3 posts now. But no more for a while, I promise. This is the last Bone that I borrowed from the library and I’m gonna have to wait a while to get my hands on the next books in the series. *sigh*

It’s for the better. Before I reduce my readers to only my mom. (That’s a joke. My mom doesn’t read my blog.)

Back to Bone!

This volume has so many funny moments that made me almost topple down from my seat. I LOVE IT! The last 2 volumes before this have gone darker, but Bone Vol 5 for me represents the real Bone, the funny cute Bone creatures and their friends.

Here we meet Rock Jaw, who calls himself Roque Ja, the giant cat (okay, tiger). Fone and Smiley meet him on their way to return the Bartleby the rat creature cub back to where it belongs.

I like Rock Jaw. He’s trying so hard to be graceful and dignified. Yet for me he just looks funny. On the other hand, I never like the art concept of Kingdok, the rat creature King. I think he’s pure ugly. And why doesn’t he look like the rest of the rat creatures?

Bartleby is, again, the star, since he’s so cute. Even though he doesn’t talk he seems to understand what everybody’s talking about :). I also notice that Smiley Bone doesn’t stick his tongue so much anymore like the first two volumes in the series. So everyone’s getting more serious, but still it’s sprinkled by a lot of comic reliefs.

My favorite scene:

Smiley Bone: Will you read us some Moby Dick? I wanna teach th’ little guy how to take a nap after lunch..

Fone Bone: Hey! This is a work of art, not a sleeping aid!

Smiley: Ooh! Debating its merits! Even better! Okay, we’re ready!


Then when the rat creatures attack:

Smiley: Quick! Read ’em some of this!! (pointing to Moby Dick)

Fone: What?

Smiley: Call me Ishmael! (to the rat creatures)

Fone: What are you doing?!

Smiley: It’s not working! Here! You try! Go on! Read it!

Fone: Um.
“Call me Ishmael, Some years ago.. never mind how long precisely.. having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore…”
“… I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery parts of the world..”

Smiley: There! I think that did it!

Rat creatures fall down dizzy and possibly asleep.


1998, 128pp

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Bone Vol 4: The Dragonslayer by Jeff Smith

41jv93j02rl_sl160_This volume of Bone is more dark and gloomy. Thorn is very angry at Gran’ma Ben for lying to her all this time then they get separated. Thorn and Fone get to the village, only to find that Phoney Bone has taken control of the village (how stupid the village people can be?).

Phoney Bone annoyed me, but mostly because he made Lucius all defeated. I hate to see the big guy beaten down. Apart from that, he’s adoringly annoying or annoyingly adorable.

The highlight for me is the appearance of the rat creature cub who gets attached to Fone and Smiley Bone, especially Smiley. Aawww. So cute! We need him in this war time.


The peaceful time has come to and end

1997, 184 pp

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Bone Vol 3: Eyes of the Storm by Jeff Smith

51wzx1k5erl_sl160_pi_I read my first Bone (Out from Boneville) sometime last year, which I gave a more lengthy review. I didn’t review the 2nd one (The Great Cow Race), because I wasn’t sure how to review a series without giving spoilers. But heck, I’ll review this one and the next ones (I’m up to Vol 5 now), since I like them so much I think they deserve some screen time :P

Eyes of the Storm is the last in the first trilogy (there are 3 trilogies in total and 9 volumes). What’s with the trilogy? Why the need to divide them into groups of three? From what I gather at the end of the book, the first trilogy might be all about fun introduction of characters and storyline. At the end of the third volume, a lot of secrets are out regarding Thorn and Grandma Ben, and I’m guessing it’s going to get darker from this point on.

I gave a 4 stars for the 1st and 2nd Bone and I thought I would for the rest of the series. But I think I’ll give more from this volume on. The more I read Bone the more I like them.

ps: I love it when the two rat creatures are having conversation. They’re so cute. Not all of them. Just the two that always get the spotlight.

1997, 180 pp

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Bone Volume 1: Out From Boneville by Jeff Smith

Back to graphic novel. It’s a pretty new genre for me that I’m quite impressed with. I’ve been long closed with mangas and comics, but apparently never graphic novels. The difference between comic and graphic novel was still vague for me until an hour ago, in which time I just browsed wiki to find out.

Straight from Wiki:

A graphic novel is a type of comic book, usually with a lengthy and complex storyline similar to those of novels, and often aimed at mature audiences. The evolving term graphic novel is not strictly defined, and is sometimes used, controversially, to imply subjective distinctions in artistic quality between graphic novels and other kinds of comics. It suggests a story that has a beginning, middle and end, as opposed to an ongoing series with continuing characters; one that is outside the genres commonly associated with comic books, and that deals with more mature themes.

I’d say the line is very thin. Dilbert has mature theme (work jokes and all), but it doesn’t have continuing story. Bone’s theme is quite kiddish, but the story is lengthy and perhaps complex, though fantasy. This idea about targeting mature audience is always arguable. What’s mature theme? If it doesn’t contain sex and violence, is it considered non-mature?

Anyway, I digress, and continue to Bone the graphic novel. I knew Bone from the game made by Telltale Games. Telltale Games is a company I’ve been keeping my eye on. They also work on the remake of Sam & Max (the old LucasArts adventure game). Granted, I haven’t played all of their games, but I’ve played the trial versions :). A couple of the games I saw still look pretty plain, but their vision and goals sound promising. I kinda like the whole episodic concept if it’s worth the money. And story as the main drive? That’s the kind of games I love most! By the way, if you’re someone from Telltale looking here, could you tell your HR to have a look at my resume? I’ve been applying for a game programmer position about 2-3 times but got no reply. Thanks heaps. (I’m guessing you don’t hire anybody outside of US though. Is that why you’ve been ignoring me? Boohoo.)

For other readers, sorry I got sidetracked. Every once in a blue moon, some people from the game companies I linked to did come by and even drop a comment or a few. So I can’t let this chance pass by. Somebody important might be reading this! At least they should know I’m sending their company some love <3.

Let’s back to Bone. In volume 1, we got to know the 3 Bone brothers: Phoney Bone (who’s so phoney), Smiley Bone (who always smiles), and Fone Bone (here’s our main character). They’re white cute things who are bald, have big noses, and wear little clothings. We don’t know where they come from (does the whole village look like them?). We do know they’re running away from an angry mob, because Phoney made them mad. They later go into desert and jungle, meeting other fantasy creatures, like giant furry rat thing and dragon. They also meet normal human beings.

The main character Fone Bone reminds me of Mickey Mouse. He’s the nice neutral Joe, who can still be angry and is a bit shy. I think a lot of his expressions even look like Mickey Mouse. Phoney Bone is like Donald Duck, just a lot more evil and less funny or cute. A grumpy little thing. And guess what, Smiley Bone is like Goofy. He just talks a bit more.

In general, I like the art style, and the humor is nice too without being rude. Everyone seems to be cute. Even Phoney Bone and the rat creatures.

Bone has received numerous awards. Noted from the book: 1995 Best Comic Book from the National Cartoonist Society and 2002 YALSA/American Library Association Book Choice. From Wiki: Eisner Awards, Harvey Awards, and Time magazine’s Top Ten Graphic Novels of All Time (among the books in the list, I’ve only heard of Bone, Watchmen, and the Dark Knight Returns).

Jeff Smith on the right. I will make a habit now to put a picture of an author whose book I just read the first time. Can your name be more generic? Jeff. Smith.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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