Princess by Jean Sasson

princessThis is a true story of a royal princess in Saudi Arabia. A lot of things are very shocking for first time reader on this kind of issue. That’s why most probably it’ll grab your attention from beginning till the end.

For myself the book opens my eyes on culture, society, and issues so far away from mine. How in the other part of the world, there are places where woman has almost no value. No voice. No future. No use but a sex object. And therefore, no meaningful existence.

~ Finished 31 August 2004

4 stars

Princess Sultana’s Daughters by Jean Sasson

princess sultana's daughtersThe second series of the Princess Trilogy. I know this will sound a bit sad, but after reading the first book, some of the incidents in the second book didn’t sound that tragic anymore, and that’s why at times during the reading I kind of lost the initial interest. I felt so bad about it, realizing that the actual issues and problems there even then are still happening. I’m just another person who reads the stories as if they are some kind of fairy tales, while real people with the real despair are out there somewhere hoping that their voice could be heard and understood.

The book talks about things happening after the publishing of the first book (which I also wondered what would happen to the Princess, considering how strict the society in Saudi Arabia was). Apparently there are so many people in the royal family that as long as her family doesn’t talk (Oh yeah, they found out), nobody would really know which family is in the book.

As the title goes, this book tells the stories of the Princess’ daughters and circle of friends. There are some moments that were quite frustating, because you keep on waiting for the “ending” but get nothing. A lot of problems and issues do not really have solutions or conclusions, and you endlessly wonder why would anyone let these things happen to any human being. These make it so real though. The freedom and respect of women in Saudi Arabia is not yet an achievement. It’s a dream far away. These books are considered one big step.

~ Finished 1 November 2004

3 stars

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