A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer

The author was emotionally and physically abused by his own mother as a child, and this is his story. Weird thing is that the mother only abused him and not his other brothers, which left me wondering up until now, WHY? It’s never discussed in the book. I’m guessing that he himself doesn’t know the answer. Or it may be revealed later on his second or third book (this is the first in the trilogy).

I gave 3.5 and not higher just because it’s highly disturbing book. I winced the whole way through. Definitely not a book you want to read during a nice Sunday afternoon to relax. It’s informative and eye opening though. I’d like to read the second and third installment in the series, but decided that I need a break from the painful story. Yeah it’s that bad. It’s extremely bad when the victim is a child. They’re just completely helpless and hungry of love. To think that someone could abuse them beyond imagination.. I can’t stand it! :(

~Finished on 30 October 2006

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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