The evolution of trickster stories among the dogs of North Park after the Change by Kij Johnson (Short) and Misc

Do you also find it ironic that the super long title of this post is followed by ‘short’?

Kij JohnsonThe evolution of trickster stories among the dogs of North Park after the Change is a short story by Kij Johnson, which I picked out of Nymeth‘s favorite short stories (check her sidebar).

Knowing that it’s about dogs, I thought I could well connect with it, because I’m nothing but fond of dogs. My family kept dogs since I was small. My brothers and I even picked up stray puppies as kids and kept them. We weren’t the types of kids that get excited temporarily then forget to take care of the animals. We were good loving kind-hearted kids that really cared (even though the puppies died eventually because our incompetence..)

In this short story there’s an unexplainable event that makes the dogs able to talk. And that scares people off. To the point that the dogs get kicked out of their lovely homes and most are stranded in parks all around the city. Linna is different. She feels for these dogs and she listens to their stories.

It’s not that I didn’t like the story. I liked how unique it was. But I finished it with the thought “and what’s the point?” I was never sure whether the dogs story is allegory to something deeper, or just story about dogs period.

4 stars

The story is available online at Kij Johnson website. Read it online.

It won a couple of awards:
Final ballot, 2007: World Fantasy awards and Nebula awards.
Nominee, 2007: Hugo awards and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award.

I did finish two more short stories from The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, but I’m still thinking if I should post them after I finish the collection or not, because unlike my usual style to pluck a short story here and there, I feel like finishing the entire collection this time.

If you haven’t heard, Claire at Paperback Reader is hosting Angela Carter month this April. We’re halfway through, but if you read even a tiny bit faster than me then you still have plenty of time!


And because the snake was so popular, I feel the urge to share more. And this time it’s all about the crocs!

Crocodile - Cairns

Look at how high it can go!

Do you know that crocodile’s jaw is even stronger than shark? (And Australia has both in abundance…)

Crocodiles - Cairns

Crocodiles Overload

This is crocodile farm. So they’ll be send away for their skin and meat.

Crocodile Sign - Cairns

We could see the crocodile warning signs everywhere near water. Including the sea!

To balance all the nastiness, here’s baby ducks for you. (Taken at Sydney Easter Show.)

Baby Ducks

Hope they brighten your day!

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