Topsy Turvy Tales by Charlotte Boulay-Goldsmith and Laura Hyde

topsy turvy tales

Once upon a time, there was a publisher called Humpty Dumpty Publishing. They are releasing their very first title ever called Topsy Turvy Tales, and asking Bookie Mee if she would like to review the book.

True story! (I just thought the names are all so cute! :P)

Topsy Turvy Tales is a collection of poems and illustrations of surreal tales. Written by Charlotte Boulay-Goldsmith, and illustrated by Laura Hyde.

When they mentioned that it is in the vein of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey, I could not resist, as I am a huge fan of Tim Burton! I agree completely. There are 4 tales in Topsy Turvy Tales, all rather dark and twisty, with dark and surreal illustrations. In fact one of the tales reminded me too much of The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy, titled Chester the Oyster! (what’s with oyster in dark tales?)

The publisher is aiming at gift-book market and I think Topsy Turvy Tales would be a perfect gift-book for casual and non-casual readers. I personally love quirky book with illustrations, so this is absolutely right up my alley. And I can imagine people that don’t read very much to be able to enjoy the book as well as it is pretty short.

They have also made one of the tales – The Girl with Liquid Eyes – into a short animated movie. I especially like the narrator!

You can also check out their tumblr page. It seems fun and full of attractive looking people holding the book! ;)

Topsy Turvy Tales

Wish the best of luck for Humpty Dumpty Publishing and I’ll keep an eye on their future books!

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