Sugarbabe by Holly Hill


Holly Hill got depressed after she was left by her wealthy married boyfriend and found herself totally broke. After a few days of soul searching and a help from a friend, she picked herself up and decided to find a sugar daddy, who’d pay for her with no strings attached. That way, she wouldn’t find a chance to get her heart broken again and have her bills paid. And so Holly went to the Internet and went through a journey of finding and selecting a man who’s looking for a smart sophisticated woman with psychology background who cooks and of course, serves in bed. She also promised exclusivity to the man.

** Possible spoilers below **

At some points, I thought she was an open-minded independent woman who’s not scared to get what she wants. At latter points, I thought she might have just been on the borderline of prostitution. The exclusivity was a very good excuse not to fall on that side. It’s very hard not to be a tiny bit judgmental. I thought she was getting pathetic. Instead of getting the freedom and independence that she wanted, she was totally dependent on the whim of the men to stay with her (and give her the generous “allowance”, or fee as she called it) or leave. Predictably, they just kept leaving like men always do. (pardon my sarcastic note, I was only half joking :) But seriously, how do you expect a man to stay when money is the only string that tie you together?

I do applaud her way to come clean upfront and stated what she wanted out of the relationship. After all, that’s what mistresses (and some wives) do. Getting money and security in return of other services. It’s just that she was being really honest about it.

** end of spoilers **


Having said that, I did enjoy it. It was funny, sexy, and kinda charming. It’s hard not to like Holly. She was just trying to do her best given her circumstances, and she was searching. She was searching for answers and she got them at the end, though I may not agree with it. She learned her lessons and we get entertainment. It’s a win win situation. (Did I mention that this is a memoir/biography? Though I’d say it’s leaning more towards journalism.)

I like the cover. It’s a lot better when you see it on paper. The sugar on the lips looks mighty tasty.

Holly wrote her second book titled Toyboy. She turned the table and looked for a younger man who will be paid generous allowance for being a company of her (a 40 year-old woman). This is also hinted at the end of Sugarbabe. I might be interested to read it in the future, though not very soon. I have higher priority for the more serious books right now. Except if Random House gave me a free copy *hint*

Rating: 4 out of 5
Pages: 301
Publication year: 2007

First line
It was a ‘John’ who introduced me to my life of Dicks.

Last line
Stand by for the results.

Has anyone read and reviewed this book? Please let me know ‘cos I couldn’t find any.

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