Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris

Joshua Harris’s second book (first being I Kissed Dating Goodbye). Whereas IKDG talks about single life, Boy Meets Girl talks about the next phase, when you actually meet someone and pursue marriage through biblical courtship.

I don’t know why I read the book. I knew I wasn’t gonna follow whatever things he’s trying to teach. But I read it with open mind, just to see what messages he’s trying to pull. I can totally see why he sees and does things in certain ways. Of course some of them make sense, although a lot are not practical. Again, like my comments on his first book, all those can only be done when you’re in certain confined environment in ideal situation (good church family, holy friends, supportive Christian parents). For the rest of us, it almost sounds like a tale that happens in land far far away.

I was also put off by his specification of God given gender roles where guys need to lead or initiate, while girls are supposed to be.. waiting..? rescued..? Which century are we living in again? I mean I like the conservative male roles up to some degree. But to say that leading is a role for men ONLY? So no female leaders? Well, okay, in ideal world, where it’s full of rainbow and unicorns, men may use his leader role to totally make the women all happy and protected. Which reminds me of another thing that put me off. He was mentioning about how females are supposed to be taken care of and protected by dominant male character. It can be her father, brother, brother-in-law, husband (after marriage), etc. Yeah, right. It’s like Middle East country concept perfected. There you can’t buy bread without a male escorting. In his world, female can’t make decision without a male’s nod.

Nevermind me. I’m a bit on the (other) extreme end ;). You should read the book, even if you just want to know the say of a perfect Christian. I finished the book in 2 days. Quick read.

~Finished on 02 February 2007

Rating: 3 out of 5


“When you know in your heart that you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, forever can’t start soon enough.”

I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris

A book full of controversy is always interesting. That is what I can say about this book. I admit I was also caught up by the hype and the ever controversial title (Have I told you that title of a book is very important?). Not to mention the sense of mystery of the (assumed) handsome man under the hat ;> (By the way, he is not the author. Apparently I was not the first person who wonders.)

How the hell are you gonna find a life partner if you don’t date?

Yeah, that was my question before too. But after reading it, I kind of understand what the author means. Although at that time, this kind of problem hardly crossed my life. I wasn’t interested in dating anyway. So if there’s any book telling me “Don’t date!”, I would love to hear it, rather than some friends telling me to go dating :).

All in all, the author talks about a very interesting concept. But I see it more as an idealistic one. That is, it can only work if you live in a perfect world with a perfect man in a perfect time. Sure it would be so beautiful to have your first kiss in the altar. But if we set that as a standard, I think I’ve screwed up pretty bad and would be in distress by now :).

Even though you don’t intend to absorb everything that the author says, there are still quite a few good things to take. Groundbreaking rules are never easy to accept, but some sure do make sense.

~Finished on 30 November 2003

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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