French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I was trying to lose a couple of kilos when I came across this book, which was perfect for me, because it’s more of eating/life style book rather than dieting (I’m always worried of the wrong way of dieting). So the tips and messages in this book can definitely be sustained for a long time, unlike unhealthy yo-yo dieting which you can probably do for a short while before going back to your old eating style and gaining your weight back.

She makes a lot of comparison between American and French women (being sort of both by living in New York and Paris most of the time). She also had personal experience of being fat the first time she went to America as an exchange student. How I’d love to see her picture that time :D!

In short, great book! Oh and there are a lot of healthy recipes in the book too. So I went to type some of them down to try them later (the book belongs to library). Some are a bit hard to try in Singapore because they use a lot of oven and grill. I’ll try them later when I go back to Australia. After reading this book, I somehow got to love bread so much more. Went to Delifrance many times during and after the reading ;). Combined that with Yakitake Japan anime and I’m totally into BREAD now more than ever!

~Finished on 04 April 2007

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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