Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

memoirs of a geisha

This book is so beautifully written. I almost cannot believe that the author is a man, because he sure could capture all that feminine sense.

For those who never got a really clear perspective on Geisha: They’re not prostitutes. (Well this I already knew before. But some people simply misunderstand.) In fact there are so many cultures behind this iconic Japanese profession that it truly needs a few books to properly discuss it to the world. This is also supported by the facts that there are many levels of Geisha and the close society of Japan.

Funny thing is, with the way the author writes, I thought it was a true story. I found all elements of the story were so strong and believable. At one point I even browsed the Internet to find the famous Geisha poster that was in the book to satisfy my curiousity. Then I found out, with many many others, that the story was actually fiction. I got so sad that time, the book almost lost half of the magic :)

But after I have realized the fact, I started to accept and really enjoyed it as a brilliant work of fiction. It’s beautiful from beginning til the end.

It has a happy ending too. At that point I could only smile to how it resembles a fairy tale. Too beautiful to be a true story :)

~ Finished it in November 2003

5 stars
1997, 448 pp

Memorable Quotes

“Young girls hope all sorts of foolish things. Hopes are like hair ornaments. Girls want to wear too many of them. When they become old women they look silly wearing even one.”

“We are pieces of clay that forever show the fingerprints of everyone who has touched them.”

“Sometimes we get through adversity only by imagining what the world might be like if our dreams should ever come true.”

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