Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho

Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo CoelhoVeronika is a “normal” young woman, quite pretty, having dates, doing alright in life. She just doesn’t get the meaning of it all. So on one fine day, she decides to take her life, eating sleeping pills. Doesn’t work out. She ends up waking in the mental hospital. They say she only has a few more days to live, because the heart has completely failed after the suicide attempt.

The whole story is about her living in the weird mental hospital, all the time knowing that she’s going to die soon. You would think that anyone would have a whole new view of life when they know they’re gonna die soon. So does she.

It’s more of a physicological book that I feel like I should’ve learnt more, but a couple of months has passed since I finished it (I really should write my review soon after I put down a book) and I can’t remember much about it, apart from the message that you gotta live like you want and don’t bother about what people think about how you live your life. You should do what you gotta do, should live like you gotta live.

I don’t even remember the ending. I did learn more about mental hospital, the existence of a country names Slovenia and a city names Ljubljana (argh, how to pronounce?), and a mental disease names schizophrenic.

I would read more of Paulo Coelho’s book though. He’s one of a kind. I read that he himself was admitted to a mental hospital when he was young because he wanted to be an artist, so at least those stories in mental hospital should hold a lot of truths.

3.5 stars
~ Finished it (roughly) on 20 October 2006

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