Review Books (or Books I Look Forward To Reading)

google nutcracker ballet 120th anniversary

Google celebrates the 120th anniversary of the Nutcracker Ballet today! Don’t you think the image looks wonderful?

That’s sort of an opening to the bunch of books that I received for review in the past couple of months and look forward to reading, which fittingly starts with:

Nutcracker - ETA Hoffman, Maurice Sendak
Nutcracker by E.T.A. Hoffman, illustrated by Maurice Sendak

I was very happy to receive this classic that the famous Nutcracker ballet is based on, sent all the way from RandomHouse New York! It’s big, beautiful, and has colored illustrations by Maurice Sendak (who I mentioned sometime ago). It looks so Christmas-y, and I would definitely spend some time reading it during the Christmas season if I’m not going for a road trip to Spain for 17 days (also a way of telling you that I’ll be off starting from 22 December). So sadly the book has to wait.

Frankenstein Galvanized

Frankenstein Galvanized by Mary Shelley, published by  a new publishing house red rattle books that “is dedicated to publishing literary classics but in unique editions that offer fresh  perspectives from experts.” The book contains the 1818 classic Frankenstein text, plus 8 essays and commentary. I was thinking to read this around Halloween, but then time passed…

Sea of Ink

The Sea of Ink by Richard Weihe is one of a recent publication by Peirene Press. I have always wanted to try one of Peirene books. I have Beside the Sea on my kindle too. The Sea of Ink is about a 17th century Chinese artist – very unique to say the least considering the author is Swiss and the book is translated from Swiss German!

Break into Travel Writing

Break into Travel Writing by Beth Blair is one of the books in Teach Yourself series. I was given a few choices and I picked this one because of my recent interest in travel writing. A rather odd story comes with this book, as just last week Beth Blair the book author found the post I wrote about (as linked above) and tweeted it. I thanked her and asked if she found my travel site from her publicist, and both of us were very surprised to find that no that is not the case, and she just happened to find my post on the Internet (her publicist just told her the book was passed to “someone in London”). It was a rather weird episode for both me and her, and shows how the world gets smaller with social media!


I was offered by Whole Story Audiobooks to pick one audio book from their website. Anything I like! There’s nothing like “pick any one you like and we’ll send it to you for free” that makes you go all wild-eyed and Tasmanian Devil like!

Tasmanian Devil

I was looking for a non-fiction in particular. I have tried fiction on audio a couple of times, and while I quite enjoyed it, the habit didn’t stick with me. In the past year I have spent lots of time listening to history podcast, so I’m thinking that maybe non-fiction on audio is the way to go.

If you’re interested my shortlist included Ghost Train to the Eastern Star by Paul Theroux and What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami. But at the end I picked Londoners by Craig Taylor. And OMG I could not pick a better audio I think. I have listened to the first few CDs (there are 12 CDs altogether) and I am so so so loving it. I cannot wait to tell you all about it in full gushing emotional way after I finish. So definitely look out for it!

So if you miss that first couple of paragraphs, I’ll be off for a road trip to Spain-Gibraltar-Morocco for 17 days and will be off the blog world during that time. Happy holiday season to you all and happy reading! :)


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    1. Michelle, happy belated new year! I’m just back from my trip, so I’m catching up with real life today :D. Haven’t heard from you for a long time (Claire was just asking recently). Hope you’re well!

    1. That’s great to hear about Londoners, stu. I can’t wait to continue (I’m just back from my trip today and catching up with real life).

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