Introducing The Willoughby Book Club

Just recently I received a lovely package from Adam & Chloe (AKA The Willoughby Book Worms) as a sample of their new business venture to provide book subscription service: new hand-selected book beautifully wrapped and delivered to your door once a month.

willoughby book club

all this comes inside a box

I think it’s a great gift for that book-lover someone in your life (mother and grandmother immediately comes to mind). You can give 3, 6, or 12 months subscription, there’s fiction set (classic or contemporary), non-fiction, children, etc. You’ll be given a set of questions so Adam and Chloe know about your recipient’s reading taste and preferences and the books will be handpicked by them. For me I didn’t answer questions because they could browse around my blog, and this is what I got:

willoughby book club - Boxer, Bettle

Boxer, Bettle by Ned Beauman

I have taken interest in the book since it was out (weird? Kafkaesque? seems like my kind of book), and check out that personalized card on the side too, with Alice in Wonderland theme! (you know how much I love Alice)

The only thing I’m not sure would work well is the possibility that the recipient already owns the book. I guess the subscription probably wouldn’t suit book-blogger type that gets dozens or hundreds of books a year. But for the rest of the normal world (aka more casual readers), it seems just perfect. It’s almost like having that bookish friend who sends you book that they recommend especially for you every month. And here’s that bookish friends:

adam and chloe, the Willoughby Book Worms

they make such a cute couple, don’t you think? :)

I wish Adam and Chloe the best of luck with their lovely venture!

Please check out their site The Willoughby Book Club.

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13 thoughts on “Introducing The Willoughby Book Club

  1. Suko

    The Willoughby Book Club sounds like a terrific idea, and a subscription it would a lovely gift to others or self (although as you point out, book bloggers already get an abundant number of books, many delivered to the doorstep). I “checked out” the website and it looks wonderful. :)

  2. The Willoughby Book Club

    Thanks for your lovely post Dioni (and thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!).

    It might be worth us mentioning that we’re running a limited promotion on all orders placed between now and xmas…if you use the dicount code HOHOHO at our checkout, you’ll qualify for 10% off your total order.

    Thanks again all, and happy reading!

  3. claire

    That’s so wonderful what they’re doing. I think in our case, us book bloggers, the safer bet would be to opt for the new/contemporary package since classics, for example, would surely overlap with other books we already own.

    1. mee Post author

      Yea there are definitely a lot more choices for contemporary books. Although you could probably also opt for “obscure classics” :)


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