Wrong Place and A New Place

I don’t usually find correlation between the book I read and the place I read it at. For me there’s no such thing as beach read or fall read or winter or summer, it just doesn’t matter to me that much.

But there’s a particular read at one time that made me think, gosh I’m SO reading this at the wrong place. And that was:

Reading Rebecca at Indonesian ferry

I was reading Rebecca during my trip of Lombok-Bali-Java in Indonesia and took this picture at the ferry that we used to cross the Lombok-Bali channel. The ferry was quite horrible. It was dirty, it was dark, it was hot, it was full pack of poor people, selling trinkets, selling bananas, sitting and sleeping on very unhygienic-looking floor.

Then I was reading about this very well-off spoilt young woman living in a mansion who is paranoid about her husband’s dead wife.

It just did not fit. There were poor ragged people all around me and I was slightly worried about people robbing us in the daylight. I could not care less about Rebecca. The daydreaming whinny silly rich Rebecca. It was just so inconsequential.

Needless to say, I didn’t feel much about Rebecca at all. I thought it was really quite boring. And only at the end of reading (and the trip) that I figured out that the place I read it probably influenced a lot about what I thought of the book. (Although I’m still not completely convinced that I would like it much more given a different reading environment.)

So that was more like a lead to what I’m going to reveal actually. As you know, since I arrived in London almost exactly a year ago, I haven’t been blogging or reading much. I have literally been spending my time doing real live traveling than armchair traveling. Any spare time I have on the weekend is mostly spent exploring London and roaming around the free museums.

After some thoughts and considerations, and weeks of crawling and trying to find my footing, the ideas have finally taken shape, and I have decided to embark on a new project, which is a new blog on, you guess it, traveling! It’ll have lots of stories, photos, travel and moving tips, anything I can think of from my 14 years of living in 7 different cities and traveling lots more.

And since you’ve been here with me for a while (newcomers very welcome of course) I would love to share this with you. I know lots of you probably have no interest at all, but maybe some of you do. So I hope to see you around :).

Now let’s hop on to:

Wandering Mee

ps: Bookie Mee will continue its usual snail-slow activities…


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5 thoughts on “Wrong Place and A New Place”

  1. That’s so funny – what a great post! I do think that time and place do have some sort of effect on how you read a book. I’ll be checking out your travel blog too! Enjoy your travelling!

  2. It’s tough to try to maintain anything more than 1 blog but since we are in my favourite topic of travel, I do too want to keep a travel log of travel and manage to keep a very detailed and good account of my Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava trip in 2010, after that I couldn’t catch up with my Edinburgh / Glasgow and Morocco trip in 2011 and now at the end of this month I’m off to Chamonix, Geneva and Berlin!! How am I going to keep up as well as keeping book blogging??!! I’ll share my other blog with you when I have time and will also check out your travel blog.

    Happy travelling!

    1. Oh I would love to see your posts on those cities since I’m currently absorbing anything and everything about Europe! I’m actually thinking to go Morocco this winter, so I’ll talk to you more about it if it’s decided. I’m considering a few options now.

      As you know I’m slowing down on my reading and book blog, as my priorities have shifted, so that’s how I manage :)

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