The Rite of Passage

I just went through the worst rite of passage as a blogger: losing my entire blog, years and years of content, and countless hours or nurturing.


Or in my case, ALMOST losing my blog. By luck, I migrated host a few months ago so still have the database zip file from sometime last May in my temporary Download folder somewhere in my laptop. By luck, I haven’t been updating much at all since May, so I only needed to manually search google cache for six pages and copy pasted them manually (the comments I only copy pasted in one big chunk so you will see them all in one comment per post).

Not so cocky now, aren’t I? You always think these things would never happen to you. But even the most careful squirrel falls from the tree!

Now that I’m posting though, I should probably talk a bit more about Bookie Mee.

Since year 2000 when I first entered University I have always had a personal space on the Internet to express myself. But like my self in real life, my personal space moves around too. Some last longer than the others, some have very short life. As I remember it, Bookie Mee is possibly the longest spot I have ever stayed on. It’s been over four years now since August 2007.

But now I’ve decided that I’m going to step back from the whole book blogging world (or I probably already am). Not that I stop reading, but I would most probably stop reviewing. There’s much give and take in this community, and as much fun as that is, I’ve decided that it’s time to channel my time and energy somewhere else.

What does it mean for Bookie Mee? I will keep it here. I might be back once in a while still to talk about books I’m excited about, but no promises.

What does it mean for you? You all stay on my reader which I still check once in a while whenever I’m in need to be in touch with the book world. All of your resources combined are so invaluable. I will lurk a lot on your sites, but may not leave as much footprint. Hope that’s okay, and hope you would still recognize me if I pop up once in a while. (though don’t ever feel obligated to reciprocate)

Even though this blog will continue to exist, it feels good to have some kind of closure. To announce that I’m stepping out of the inner circle and retiring. Consider me as a bystander now if you will.

Thank you all, it’s been a blast! :)

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