We Have the Oscar Winners!

oscar 2011

Oscar Live @ Fox Studios

This afternoon we had the 83rd Academy Awards shown live at Fox Studios Australia. Simple lunch was provided, along with drinks, tables, chairs, couches, and picnic rugs. My colleagues and I strolled along and spent extended lunch watching the show.

Imagine my delight when I heard Shaun Tan has won the Best Animated Short Film! There was definitely some shouting and throwing hands in the air! You might have followed when I mentioned his short film for the first time, when I reviewed the picture book, and again when it was nominated for 2011 Oscar. Ooh how I love it when I get to love something/someone far before everybody makes fuss.

“Our film is about a creature that doesn’t get any attention so this is quite ironic.” Tan said on stage.

This is an interesting article from ABC about the inception of The Lost Thing.

Apart from that, The King’s Speech won Best Picture and Best Direction, Colin Firth for Best Actor (The King’s Speech) and Natalie Portman for Best Actress (Black Swan). Both supporting actor and actress were for The Fighter which I haven’t watched (Christian Bale and Melissa Leo). Best Original Screenplay: The King’s Speech, Best Adapted Screenplay: Social Network. Best Art Direction and Best Costume: Alice in Wonderland. Best Animated Feature Film: Toy Story 3. Best VFX and Sound: Inception. Just the ones on top of my head.

A rather predictable, but quite satisfying year!


Lovey Dovey

This year’s Valentine’s day was our 2nd wedding anniversary. Yes, we got married on Valentine’s Day. Totally coincidental. We went to the priest exactly one month before 14th of February and since you need  a month notice in advance to get married here and 14th of February 2009 fell on Saturday, it all just worked perfectly! And it actually was nicely suggested by our priest, who thought it was a great idea. (It was, except for the exorbitant price of flowers on Valentine’s Day)

This year it fell on Monday, which was not ideal. Weekdays are always tiring for us. We only had a few hours between me arriving home and hubby’s sleeping time (he had to wake up at 3am for work the next day). But we managed to go to a Korean BBQ buffet and had amazing food. Smelled of smoke from head to toe after dinner, but we were full and happy!

Korean BBQ

Love Korean food!

I got these presents which I think are too pretty to let slip by :)

valentine 2011

A big heart box and a chocolate rose!

valentine 2011

valentine 2011

Inside is a nightie, bracelet, necklace, soft bear, candle, chocolate, and movie voucher.

Lovey dovey. Thanks baby!

His present? Starlight cinema.

starlight cinema

Oishinbo: Vegetables by Tetsu Kariya and Akira Hanasaki

oishinbo vegetables

In this volume of Oishinbo the topic of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer is very prevalent throughout. Organic grown vegetables is the way to go. Which is all nice and everything, but I’m not sure if it’d change my grocery shopping habit. I find it hard to justify the double or triple price of organic food for daily consumption. Occasionally, maybe. Or if I cook only for myself, not for a bunch of family members who eat a whole lot more than me and may not appreciate the whole organic thing price-wise.

Perhaps I should read more on this topic?

4 stars
2009, 268pp

This month’s task for Hello Japan is about Japanese cooking. Contrary to the lack of cooking post in Bookie Mee, I actually love to cook (who doesn’t if you love to eat?!). And Japanese is my favorite type of cooking, at home or outside. Will try to post something else before the end of the month, but if not, I have this post for submission :).

bacon wrapped asparagus

Bacon wrapped asparagus yakitori. My favorite! Yum! (photo source)

My next Oishinbo is Izakaya: Pub Food which I’m currently reading. I’ve committed to reading the whole series and only have a few more to go!

More in the series (links to my reviews):
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