The Anticipated Movies of 2011

Movies based on books that I look forward to this year: (all books have yet to be read!)

1) Cloud Atlas (book by David Mitchell)

There isn’t much information on this one yet apart from rumours of impressive cast. Imdb says it’s out in 2011, but knowing how imdb works, don’t really count on it.

2) Jane Eyre (book by Charlotte Bronte)

First knew from Claire. Mia Wasikowska is playing! After watching her in The Kids Are All Right and Alice in Wonderland I can’t wait to see more of her performance. Check out the trailer.

Jane Eyre

3) The Invention of Hugo Cabret (book by Brian Selznick)

Martin Scorsese seems like an odd choice to direct this film based on children book, but we never know. I have flipped through the book before and the charcoal illustrations in it were astounding. Can’t wait to see how they would visualize it in a movie.

Hugo Cabret

4) The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (book by Georges Rémi)

Actually I don’t know if there’s a Tintin book based on this particular story. I read Tintin books when I was small and lost track which one is which. The film is worked on by our neighbouring studio in New Zealand, the same studio who did Avatar with James Cameron (who happened to visit OUR studio last week, just saying… yes, THE Cameron). Directed by Steven Spielberg, using the same mocap technology with Avatar, I’m intrigued.

And now for the most exciting one of all!

5) Winnie the Pooh (book by A.A. Milne)

winnie the pooh

With Australian bad luck we might get the movie played here in 2012, but no matter, I’m going to wait. Did you get teary too watching the trailer? Did you? The 2D traditional animation is so perfect (I’m gonna scream if another person compares it with Yogi Bear). And the music! So true!

Oh simple thing, where have you gone? Why don’t we go somewhere only we know?

You will get more Pooh from me this year!

Did I miss any movie I should know about? Let me know!

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42 thoughts on “The Anticipated Movies of 2011”

  1. Agree with tintin a film I m looking forward to watching too ,black swan is another and also not sure if it out this year but the film version of on the road by Kerouac is in pre production with the director of motorcycle diaries should be good ,all the best stu

    1. stu, I’ve been curious about Black Swan since I saw the trailer of it the first time! (or could it even be the poster?) Hadn’t heard of On the Road so I’ll watch out for that! — though I haven’t read the book too :(

    1. charley, I can imagine. The 6 different story lines had put me off until now actually, because I’m not a fan of multiple POVs. Must brace self to pick it up.

  2. How did I not know about Jane Eyre? It’s one of my favorite books and I have been dreaming of a new movie version for years. This news, and that trailer, just made my day!

  3. I’m reading Jane Eyre now and will (eventually!) get to Cloud Atlas! I loved Hugo Cabret, and I’m curious to see how they’ll adapt it, since the book was pretty cinematic itself.

    1. Libellule, oh the two books have been on my to-read list for a long time! I don’t know why I haven’t got to them. And yes I’m super curious how they’ll adapt Hugo Cabret!

  4. I didn’t know about Hugo Cabret! I still haven’t read it but I’m excited anyway :P And I’m dying to watch the new Jane Eyre adaptation.

    1. Nymeth, you know, I actually knew about Hugo Cabret from Dewey a long time ago. I have not read it but my library has it so I can do it anytime. Here I thought you had read it!

  5. Cloud Atlas is going to be made a movie?? wow. Not sure if Norwegian Wood counts? It is already released in movie festivals, but it will be released in the UK in March 2011.

    Look forward to Adventure of Tin Tin, must be the one Simon Pegg in it.

    1. Jo, oh yea Norwegian Wood is one that I look forward to as well. Don’t know when or if it’ll be screened here, but I’ll find a way to watch it anyway :)

      ps: Had not heard of Simon Pegg! And yes he’s in Tintin according to imdb.

      1. Google up a picture of Simon Pegg, he looks like a real life Tin tin. I am glad it’s him. Because I wouldn’t want anyone unsuited to ruin my respected image I have for TinTin. :D

        1. I did google him, but I don’t recognize his face. I don’t think I’ve seen any of his movies. But you see, according to imdb Simon Pegg plays Inspector Thompson, while Tintin is played by Jamie Bell (the kid from Billy Elliot). So no Pegg for Tintin! Don’t worry too much though, because the movie will be in mocap 3D (like the blue men in Avatar, or Polar Express), so they wouldn’t really resemble the actors, maybe ;). Hopefully Tintin image will stay true to the books.

          1. Simon Pegg is one of my favorite actors, I will watch all his movies if I can find them. I find cast him as my script writer in my Hollywood Fantasy Draft , he is good scriptwriter too.

            Pegg will play together with his comedian partner, Nick Frost,in Tintin…I’m SO looking forward for Tintin. It’ll be the first animation Ive ever seen in cinema

            1. Aah interesting. Seems like I’m the only one who doesn’t know him! :) I’ll be sure to look out for his movies in the future.

              Wow you’ve never seen animated movie in cinema?! That’s crazy! I would pick animated movies over live-action since I was small! I guess that’s why I work on animated film industry as an adult :P

  6. I am so excited about Jane Eyre and Hugo Cabret too! I’m not in love with some of the actors in Hugo Cabret but I am hoping for good things anyway, given it’s all steampunk aesthetic, which I love. :)

    1. Jenny, I think Hugo Cabret has pretty interesting cast. I haven’t read the book though so I can’t imagine which actors would be right.

    1. Jackie, I’m definitely curious about Cloud Atlas. Now I just need to make sure to read the book before the movie is out!

  7. I just found out he has a twitter and now I’m stalking him throught twitter ;)

    Thx for the fix.

    The reason I never watched any animation in cinema was because the ones I really wanted to watch was NEVER played in cinema :(
    I have no love toward digital animations..they have good story, true…but they have no art in my eyes.
    I’m still a big fan of animation drawn by hand like the ones Japanese animators are making. As for animation like Toy Story, etc, I’ll just wait for them to be played in TV.

    I would be the first one in the cinema if Indonesian cinema finally realized that GHIBLI animations worth playing in cinema more than pixar, Disney, etc.

    1. Yes I do wonder why Ghibli films are not played in Indonesia. They’re definitely screened everywhere else, like Singapore, Canada, or Australia. I watched the films at the cinema a couple of times. As much as I love Ghibli though, they came pretty late into my life, possibly in my late teens, while I have been watching Disney films since I was two. Let’s just say, the love never fades. The old films are much better than the new ones–and yes the old ones were hand-drawn. I love hand-drawn and 2D animation more than 3D, but I love them all nevertheless. In this digital age, computer intervention is unavoidable. 2D animation can also be hand-drawn with a tablet and a computer, or 3D models animated and rendered in 2D style. In fact you may not be able to tell the difference if you don’t watch the “behind the scene”. I would say, don’t blame the tools. They’re just means to an end. I think at the end of the day it’s all about the story. We may love different style of visual, but story is universal.

      ps: Oh yes I’m working in digital entertainment industry. I’m a software developer :)

      1. Unfortunately…I still haven’t found a digital animation that impressed me much. If I to write my top5 animation of all time…none of those digital animations is in my list.

        It’s true that we can not blame the tool but I always see animation more than just a mean to entertain but also as a wonderful art…and I don’t consider digital as a kind of art. So sorry for that

        1. Oh gosh, you’d make lots of people pretty sad :). If only you knew how much effort going into a single animated movie, digital or otherwise.

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one excited about the Winnie the Pooh movie!!!

    The new Jane Eyre adaptation looks good too except the Rochester is not as rugged or gruff as I’d imagined.

    1. Mae, glad to know you’re excited about Pooh too! :D Just saw the posters at the cinema so it looks like it’s gonna be screened here at the same time as the US, hopefully!

      I haven’t read Jane Eyre so I can’t comment on Rochester. Will have to rectify that soon.

  9. That is a gorgeous poster! And I also loved Mia in Alice in Wonderland :)

    Speaking of gorgeous, how are you friend? It’s nice dropping by your blog again.

    About Hugo Cabret, yes, I do think that’s kind of a curious choice for Scorsese. But he’s an absolutely terrific director so I’m pretty sure it’ll be a good film. Have you seen her daughter’s latest movie Somewhere? It’s like reading a very quiet but really really good short story (you know, the kind I like).

    1. David, you’re alive! :D Any reading or writing in the past few months?

      I’ve heard of Somewhere and would be interested to watch that (and see Elle Fanning on the side). I loved loved Lost in Translation. Too bad Sofia Coppola doesn’t make that many movies! Her other movies I look forward to see is The Virgin Suicides, but I want to read the book first (by Jeffrey Eugenides–my literary hero–if you don’t already know :). Marie Antoinette looks interesting too.

      1. Haha, yes, I remember how much you love Eugenides. I’ve seen scenes of The Virgin Suicides in HBO some time ago, but I didn’t watch the whole film because I was afraid I’d end up feeling disturbed (I chickened out). But now I think I’d like to see the film. Now that you mention it, yeah, I think I’d also like to see Marie Antoinette and Lost in Translation too. The photography of Virgin Suicides is soooo dreamy and nostalgic in a melancholic way… like a lazy Sunday morning.

        Elle Fanning was a real darling in Somewhere :)

        1. I should just read Virgin Suicides! Eugenides just wrote 2 books, so I want to save that one, but I should really just read it. You must see Lost in Translation! I think you’ll like it. I assume you know that it’s set in Japan?

          I want to see if Elle Fanning is better than her big sister, because I don’t like Dakota much :P

    1. Michelle, I vaguely remember you were one of the very few people who have reviewed the book. I’ve looked inside it and the illustrations looked amazing. I hope to read it before the movie is out.

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