Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 by David Petersen

mouse guard fall 1152

I am never a fan of war stories. I avoid them like a plague. I don’t exactly hate them, just have very little to no interest in them. Unfortunately war stories with mice made little difference to me, as Mouse Guard was far from rocking my boat.

The illustration is very beautiful and the mice super cute that I could enjoy it as a picture book. But the mice look so much alike with each other that it’s almost impossible to distinguish them if not for the fur colours, and the storyline somewhat choppy (on top of it being a traditional war story to begin with). At times I wasn’t sure who was who doing what at what time. It also bothered me that the actions were not drawn to simulate movements (no action lines or blurry ends for speed). The images are far too clean. Stillness instead of excitement, which is the complete opposite of exaggerated movements and emotions in manga. I once mentioned my observation of “static” drawing that I often found in Western graphic novels or comics, and the weakness couldn’t be more emphasized in what is supposed to be full-action comic like Mouse Guard.

Overall, I was underwhelmed. Mouse Guard is part of a series and I don’t think I’m rushing to get to the next book. Recommended if only for the illustration, but don’t expect too much for anything else.

3.5 stars
2007, 176 pp

Graphic Novels Challenge 2010

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8 thoughts on “Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 by David Petersen”

  1. I can see this appealing to kids thou mee the drawings eeem ok ,but I don’t read a lot of graphic novels and after only one I reviewed got no comments shalln’t bre rushing to change that ,all the best stu

    1. stu, lol I get very few comments too on graphic novel posts, but I love them and I review everything I read so I guess they’ll stay here at Bookie Mee ;)

  2. You can always count on me to comment on your graphic novels posts! Actually, I’ve been an awful commenter lately (I see I fell to #3 on your scale.. SAD FACE), but hopefully that will change now that my life is falling into a routine again. Anyway… I read this a few years ago, and while I understand your reservations, I was too bewitched by the pretty pictures to mind any of the story’s possible shortcomings :P

    1. Nymeth, lol you’re too nice. Don’t worry about commenting. As long as I see your purple icon once in a while I know you’re there ;). I’m myself not the most active commenter, but you do what you can right? Hope you settle in well!

  3. i had borrowed this book from the library a while back and never ended up reading it. i think i read a couple pages and it didn’t grab me. it ended up sitting in a pile until it was due back and i didn’t bother checking it back out…

    guess that was a good decision. :)

    1. lisa, I don’t regret reading it though it didn’t meet my expectation. I’d say you don’t have to rush reading it, but the illustration is worth looking if you get a second chance!

  4. Again, for some weird reason only the computer god knows, I didn’t get an update on your latest post…… (lucky I came to check!)

    Too bad you didn’t like it as much as you expected. But I think the illustration looks gorgeous. Which should have helped you enjoy it a little more. =)

    1. Michelle, do you still have that problem? Try to unsubscribe and subscribe again maybe?

      The illustration IS gorgeous. Too bad it wasn’t the whole package =[

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