01.Feb.2010 Japanese Season Has Ended, For Now

Japanese Literature Challenge 3

Can you believe we have gone through the third round of Japanese Literature Challenge, and it has again, ended?

I did a lot better this time around than last year. Funny. Last round I intended to read a lot and ended up reading much less. This round I intended to read one or two, and ended up reading 4 books by Japanese authors and 3 books by non-Japanese, which is uum.. 5-6 books more than planned.

Books of Japanese origin:

  1. Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanehara (finished 08/09, 3 stars)
  2. Strangers by Taichi Yamada (finished 09/09, 2.5 stars)
  3. I Am a Cat (Vol 1) by Soseki Natsume (finished 12/09, 4 stars)
  4. Oishinbo: Ramen & Gyoza by Tetsu Kariya and Akira Hanasaki (finished 01/10, 4.5 stars)

Books about/set in Japan by non-Japanese authors:

  1. Squeamish about Sushi by Betty Reynolds (finished 08/09, 4.5 stars)
  2. Kabuki: The Metamorphosis by David Mack (finished 08/09, 4 stars)
  3. Clueless in Tokyo by Betty Reynolds (finished 10/09, 4.5 stars)

The first three books of Japanese origin were on my original list, so really, I can’t be happier with the result.

I love Japanese Literature Challenge. Not only because of the challenge itself, but also because I seem to meet a different bunch of people that I wouldn’t normally meet anywhere else in the blogosphere. Do you think so too or is it just me?

Thanks again Bellezza, for such a wonderful challenge and for being such a wonderful host. I look forward to sharing more Japanese works in the future with you! And of course, with all of you.

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