Aussie Author Challenge, Oi!

In conjunction with my own personal challenge to read more Aussie authors, I should naturally join the Aussie Author Challenge! (1 Jan-31 Dec 2010)

There are many to choose from. The ones more known internationally like Markus Zusak and Geraldine Brooks, Steve Toltz for his A Fraction of the Whole, to the ONLY two double Booker winners Peter Carey, and now, I’m glad to say, also J. M. Coetzee! (I knew that Coetzee has lived in Adelaide for a while, but I just recently learned that he has fully pledged to be an Aussie citizen!) Then the ones recently got famous: Christos Tsiolkas for the 2009 Commonweath Prize and Nam Le for his debut collection of short stories (also won lots of local prizes). And don’t forget the awesome Shaun Tan (whom I have raved about to no end) and Margo Lanagan whose Tender Morsels won World Fantasy Award in 2009.

Did I forget anyone? Well I feel like I have to mention Tim Winton, because he’s huge here. But somehow his books don’t seem to appeal to me.

I’m going for Tourist level, which requires you to read 3 books. I plan to read one of Peter Carey‘s books (I’m thinking Oscar and Lucinda because it sounds the most appealing to me. I have that and True History of the Kelly Gang on my shelf..) but I would probably end up reading more Shaun Tan‘s graphic novels, Tender Morsels, and The Book Thief. Oh, and I’m reading The Slap by Tsiolkas as we speak.

Do share if you joined or thinking to :)

Books Read

  1. The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas (finished 03/10, rating 4/5)
  2. The Rabbits by John Marsden and Shaun Tan (finished 03/10, rating 4/5)
  3. Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan (finished 05/10, rating 4/5)

All the participants’ reviews

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22 thoughts on “Aussie Author Challenge, Oi!”

  1. If I hadnt sworn off challenges I would be joining this one for sure as I have The Slap to read and also want to get through some Peter Carey novels this year as he is an author I think I would like. I read Tim Winton and enjoyed Breath, I thought it wasnt hafl bad, I might try more of his. One australian author I really want to try is Kate Grenville and as yet I just havent which is wrong of me.
    .-= [Simon (Savidge Reads)´s last blog: Reading Me Like A Book (Or Ten)] =-.

    1. Kate Grenville is pretty big here too. But I intend to go for the more internationally recognised first, just because. I’m really not sure if I’d like Peter Carey. A lot of his books don’t sound appealing to me. But I feel the need to try him. At least once!

    1. Lol that’s debatable, vivienne. But really, who’s keeping score? There’s no challenge police :D. Surprising that I never heard of the book and movie. No, wait, I did see the poster of the movie before… (I just browsed around the internet)

    1. I saw that you joined Suko. Hope we can share some reads. I saw that you loved the Book Thief a lot and I’ve been meaning to read it since!

    1. Mm weird and traumatizing doesn’t sound so great, does it?! Lol. I’m curious about the book too. It just seems.. unusual.

        1. Actually I’m kinda thinking of South East Asian “Challenge”. I get reluctant to call it a challenge. How about experience? :) But there are limited selections for SEA for sure, so I don’t think my thought is gonna turn up into something concrete.

    1. Michelle–I read The Arrival and Tales from Outer Suburbia last year and highly recommend both. The Arrival has no text, and Outer Suburbia is sort of a collection of illustrated short stories. So depends what you’re in the mood for. But I would just read both :). The Arrival personally struck a chord in me, being a migrant and all. I heard good things about Red Tree too.

  2. Thanks for joining me in this challenge! Looking forward to sharing reviews…

    Although this may be controversial given he’s a Booker Prize winning author, I was not that impressed with his novel ‘Bliss’ when I read it a few years back (just found it weird I’m afraid) and I haven’t gone back for more Carey since. Maybe I will have to give him another go…

    Watch out for some more of my Aussie Author in Focus posts – plan to do three more over the next week in honour of Australia Day holiday on 26th January!

    1. Well I haven’t read Carey yet but I have pretty low expectation right now (no matter he’s a double Booker winner :P) so we’ll see how it goes. Actually you’re the second person now referring to his work as “weird”…

      I’m enjoying your posts on Aussie Authors. Lots I’d never heard about before. It’s probably because I don’t generally go for YAs, but I’m also not exactly in touch with the literary world in the country! Good on you! ;)

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