Bayou by Jeremy Love (Vol 1)


Bayou is an online comic by Jeremy Love, which first appeared at Zuda Comics, and later out in print as the first printed book format work to be released by the online website.

The story is a mixed of fantasy and reality, reality which is based on the oppressed era for Black people (1930s America). Our heroine, a little girl named Lee, has her world turned upside down when her white girl friend is missing and her father is accused of kidnapping her. Trying to find her friend to save her father, she goes on a journey, meeting many colorful characters and facing lots of dangers.

I first heard of the comic from Nymeth and had been thinking about it, since I fell in love with the art straight away. Somehow I missed her saying that you can read the comic online (doh!). Luckily she mentioned it again during the last Dewey’s read-a-thon and I quickly went to the website to read it.

I’m so happy that it’s available online so I could satisfy my curiosity for a bit. The artwork is fabulous. Great great stuff. Unfortunately with the speed of my Internet connection, I needed to wait for a few seconds to load each page. Not the best way to read a graphic novel, for sure. I forced my way through, but with some extra effort on my part. It did diminish my full enjoyment of the comic, so I’m hoping that I can get my hands on the physical copy for the next volumes.

If you have excellent Internet connection, please, go for it! Unlike normal comics, Bayou was made to fit into computer screen, so you don’t have to drag the picture up and down like if it follows the traditional vertically longer book format. Make it full screen to get the full-blown excellent artwork :)

I struggled a bit with the Southern accent at times, but that’s probably just me. All in all, Bayou is a fantastic graphic novel. It’s heart-wrenching at times because you know some bits were true in real world, yet the fantasy elements make it such a great adventure story in itself.

Before you get all disappointed because you expect giant bunnies roaming around the world (I know I did), the bunny appears only once in dream. But what a fantastic bunny :)

2009, 256 pp

Challenges: Graphic Novels (book #20)

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11 thoughts on “Bayou by Jeremy Love (Vol 1)”

  1. It does take untold ages for the website to load! I’m very excited because I got Bayou for Christmas (wooooooo) and now I can read the first volume at least in hard copy. And definitely can’t wait for them to release the next volume.

    1. I should make my library buy it too. In fact, I should prepare a list of suggestions for them, especially in the graphic novels area :)

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