Read-a-thon: Hour 22


I didn’t read in the last 3 hours :(. Needed to go to buy some grocery, whip up a quick cooking, eat, then watch my favorite TV shows: The Biggest Loser and You Think You Can Dance.

So far I think I’ve spent around 6 hours reading. I’m third way into Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I did start Ethel & Ernest a little bit.

Participating in another mini-challenge:

A Striped Armchair’s Honoring Dewey Mini-challenge

As most of you know, Dewey of The Hidden Side of the Leaf began the read-a-thons. She passed away quite suddenly (at least suddenly to the book blogging community) last November, which is why the read-a-thon has been renamed in her honour.

So sometime in the next three hours, either share a favourite story/memory of Dewey if you knew her OR go to her blog and find a post that appeals to you (trust me, it won’t take long!). Then on your own blog (or in the comments here if you don’t have a blog), talk about why you chose it.

Eva shared a few interactions that she had with Dewey. Thought I’d go back and dig up my old comments as well.

Last week I joked how you have bigger chance of winning the mini-challenges that occur in the last hours, because everybody has started to sleep. Then Tanabata said,

I hadn’t thought about having a better chance to win the later mini-challenges. LOL!

I replied,

Actually I read it at someone’s blog during last year’s read-a-thon, and I thought, hey she’s right! :)

Since then I tried to remember, whose blog it was that I saw. Guess what, it’s apparently Dewey commenting on one of my last year’s read-a-thon post:

Don’t worry! Later on, when people in the U.S are all dropping like flies, you’ll be all perkily awake and ready to enter mini-challenges without as much competition! :)

Ooh I just suddenly miss her more. When I knew Dewey, I wasn’t blogging as much as I am today. So we didn’t interact that much. The comment above was one of a few of hers, and at that time I was happy/surprised that she visited, because she was such a well-known blogger who was very active in blogging community. Dewey’s blog was definitely one of my favorite. She’s funny, she’s nice, she works a lot to build the community, and I read a lot of books that she reads. She will be remembered for a long time.

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3 thoughts on “Read-a-thon: Hour 22”

  1. That’s funny that it was Dewey who said that. That’s just like her!
    I was too tired to think clearly for the creative memes later in the read-a-thon, but that’s ok. :P

  2. Tanabata: I didn’t join mini challenges that required me to do more than typing words actually. Maybe next time :9.

    Nymeth: Yea, it’s such a good coincidence that I found her comment during the mini-challenge :).

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