Read-a-thon: Hour 14 & Korean Mini-Challenge

I haven’t participated in any of the mini challenges, but I’m interested in Bybee’s and I’m sooo gonna win this! :D

Person who can list the most facts (trivial or otherwise) about Korea may win. I’m not gonna list the trivial facts (e.g. Korea divided into North and South Korea etc), but I’m gonna list some interesting things that I know about Korea.

1) It’s such a coincidence that yesterday I just watched this Korean street dance called B-Boyz (taken from B-Boy). The show is called B-Boyz and Ballerina. The group is called Gorilla Crew who has won international competitions and all. Apparently this type of dancing is currently a hit in Korea. Below is their youtube video:

2) Korean food always include side dishes whenever they eat. The side dishes can go from Kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) to all kind of vegetables, seaweed, seafood, potato salad, and so on (I looovve Korean side dishes and food :). The side dishes don’t always have to be many for every meal, but some Kimchi should at least be there.

3) They have a special small fridge to store Kimchi. Kimchi can be stored up to a few months. The longer it is the more sour it is. They also put mix Kimchi in all other dishes as well, like noodle soup (Ramyon) and fried rice (Kimchi Bokumbab).

4) The society is hierarchical and they talk differently with older and younger person. Therefore it’s crucial to know one’s age whenever they meet a new person. If it’s not obvious whether he/she is younger or older, they would ask his/her age, and then use the different level of language politeness respectively. The men like to be called ‘Opa’ by the younger women. It means older brother, which also shows sense of closeness.

5) Harry Potter books in Korea is divided into several smaller books per title.

6) They have a dish called Ice Noodle. It’s literally noodle soaked in ice water (with ice cubes floating about), mixed with Korean chilli, pickled vegetables, pear, sesame, vinegar, and wasabi mustard. I just tried this yesterday, and it’s one of the most weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten. The Koreans eat this during summer time, since it’s very refreshing. But a friend said that it’s originally winter food, because they had so much ice back then they started throwing it into noodle soup. Okay I’m half joking with the last sentence, but the fact is they didn’t have fridge in the old times, so they could only eat the dish in winter (since they couldn’t make ice in summer).

Example of conversations around the dish yesterday:
Me: “This is really weird (dish) for me.”
Korean 1: “What’s weird about it?” (with puzzled look)
Me: “Well…” -then started to point out why it was weird food
Korean 2: *laugh* “Well this is very common food. We have this dish everywhere in Korea.”
Korean 3: “But why is it weird? It’s just noodle.”
Me: “In ICE. And we’re eating from this big metal bowl (like the one you usually use to wash vegetable)”
and so on

Okay I have tons of them, but I’ll stop now to continue reading.
Yea I kinda cheated. I have a close Korean friend and a few Korean colleagues :)

Page: 83
Reading time: around 2-3 hours
I did spend a lot of time reading people’s blogs :O (I don’t count those)

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