10 out 100 out of 1001 Books YMRBYD Challenge

10 out 100 out of 1001 Books YMRBYD Challenge

Update 2 Nov 2008
See the wrap-up post here.


If you’re like me, and you haven’t read many of the books in the 1001 Books YMRBYD list, the list could become overwhelming to you and you’re not sure how to “conquer” it, then you may want to join me in this challenge.

I have an idea of how to sweep through the books in the list reasonably. Most of us wouldn’t be able to read all 1001 books in our lifetime, especially with all the new books coming out every year. So let’s not even try :). What I want to attempt is to read 100 books out of this list, which is distributed as evenly as possible. But chances are, if you haven’t read many books in the list, you’re probably a slow reader like I am, so even 100 books is far too many. So to start, let’s just have 10, one for each month. I will start from book #1 to 100.

The rule is, pick one book for every group of 10 books. So pick one book from book #1-10, then another one from book #11-20, and so on. If you have read one book from the group in the past, you can skip that group, or you can pick another book that you haven’t read in that group.

This is my list:
[01-10] #1 Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro read 12/05/08 (review)
[11-20] #19 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – Mark Haddon read 01/07/08 (review)
[21-30] #28 Kafka on the Shore – Haruki Murakami
[31-40] #40 Platform – Michael Houellebecq
[41-50] skipped – I’ve read #42 Atonement and #49 Life of Pi
[51-60] #51 An Obedient Father – Akhil Sharma
[61-70] either #63 The Blind Assassin or #64 After the Quake
[71-80] skipped – I’ve read #78 Sputnik Sweetheart. Might read #80 Intimacy.
[81-90] skipped – I’ve read #90 Veronika Decides to Die. Might read #85 Tipping the Velvet.
[91-100] skipped – I’ve read #93 Memoirs of a Geisha. Might read #92 The God of Small Things or #95 Enduring Love.

Looks like I have 6 books that I have to read, and the rests are optional.

Well initially, I’d like to have the challenge going on for 10 months, so if anyone hasn’t read any book from the first 100 books, they would actually have time to read 10, assuming a month time to each. But I’m being optimistic and assume other people most probably have read quite a few from the first 100 books. So let’s have this challenge for 6 months! You can join anytime but finishing date is 31 October 2008. Who knows, if all goes well, we can continue to book 101-200 :)

Update 4 May 08
I posted this on goodreads forum but didn’t get any response. I posted it on Bookcrossing website and (as usual) people are responding (BC people are the most book-crazed bunch I’ve ever met). So we got quite a few people that are up for the challenge. See the discussion here. I’m thinking to put people’s list at somewhere more organized if I have the time.On the other hand, I found this other challenge that could be done in conjunction with this challenge: 1% Well-Read Challenge. I would probably join, since it starts at exactly the same time with mine (1 May 08).

I’m using Mr. Linky for auto linking below. Please add the link to your specific blog post containing the list of your books (this should be where you update your progress too). It’ll be interesting to see what books that people choose to read out of a group and what books that most people have read.

Happy reading!

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27 thoughts on “10 out 100 out of 1001 Books YMRBYD Challenge”

  1. This sounds fascinating, Mee! I must see whether I can wedge in another challenge amidst all the others I am currently not completing. :)

    So, just to clarify: we are choosing up to ten books from the most recent 100 books from the 1001 Books List? It would be so intriguing just to choose!

  2. That’s right. But the trick is to choose one every group of 10 books :). And if you happen to have read 1 or more books in that group, you can skip it.

  3. Hi Juli, yea I thought 6 months should be quite a reasonable time. But I’m not sure how fast or slow people read, so we could always extend it if it’s too short. By restrictive, do you mean the time or the selection of books?

  4. Hi Mee,

    Thanks for stopping by A Novel Challenge blog and letting me know about your challenge. I’ve posted it here. If you decide to extend the date, let me know so I can update the post on my blog. Looks like a fun challenge!

  5. Hi i signed up to this on bookcrossing but think this would be an easier place to keep track of my reads and I’ll post all my reviews on my blogspot anyway

  6. I am bending the rules a little bit, and if you have objections, please let me know. I am sticking to the older books that I can find on Project Gutenberg as I know that a lot of the books in the 2000 section are still on demand at my library and throughout the district that my library is in. The ones I have chosen I have listed at my site. I couldn’t find the “addy” for the button. Judy

  7. Hi Mee-

    I tried to sign up at the 1% Challenge, but it wouldn’t take my information. So I will adjust my list for your requirements for the 1001 Challenge, unless you can fix the glitch. Thanks and you are my first visitor from another country. You are very well-versed in English and when I was looking at your blog, I was surprised to see how many books from the United States are available in Japan. I hope to contiune this “friendship”. Judy

  8. Mm I’m not sure what problems you’re having Judy. The 1% Challenge is not hosted by me, so if you have problem there you should leave a comment over there and ask them about it.

    I don’t know how you got the impression that I’m in Japan, but I’m not :) (I am interested in translated Japanese literature though, and I am studying Japanese too). I’m Australian who currently lives in Singapore. And yes sure we have all kinds of books here.

  9. This is a great idea for adding balance and diversity to the reading experience. Since I only need 2 books to complete the challenge, I’m looking at trying to read 1 in every group of 10 for the entire 1001.

  10. Awesome challenge! I’ve signed up for the 1% challenge, but I tend toward the older books, so this one will really help me focus on the newer stuff. I’ll vote right now for continuing on to #101-200!

  11. I signed up for this challenge yesterday and just now realized that I have only till the end of Oct. to finish all 10 books. Not real sure I can make this happen. What do I do. Can I leave it and see what happens?

  12. Well, I still haven’t even gotten the first book from another library yet had to order it. So I probably won’t be able to do this challenge. So I will watch for the next section you do and jump in then. Thanks.

  13. I sincerely thought I had joined this challenge and was coming over to report I’ve finished 10 on the list:

    #96 – Underworld – Don DeLillo
    #183 – Possession – A. S. Byatt
    #436 – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Ken Kesey
    #450 – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie – Muriel Spark
    #465 – Memento Mori – Muriel Spark
    #538 – The Grass is Singing – Doris Lessing
    #559 – The Plague – Albert Camus
    #632 – The Nine Taylors – Dorothy L. Sayers
    #680 – Decline and Fall – Evelyn Waugh
    #823 – King Solomon’s Mines – H. Rider Haggard

    Check out my website for reviews of these books and to see what books I’d previously read before jumping in here! ’twas fun! Thanks for having me.

  14. Well it looks like I have completed this challenge! Wooo hoo!! For my list of what I read check this post:

    <a href=”http://wearebookworms.blogspot.com/2008/06/10-out-100-out-of-1001-books-ymrbyd.html”10 out of 100 out of 1000

    It was fun and I’d like to continue reading from the list.

  15. Dear Mee,

    Sorry I didn’t follow directions but I’d read quite a few of the books & I needed to “read” ones that were available on audio — so that’s what happened. Hope you continue this challenge for us. I’m loving it!

    Good work Kim H.

  16. I dont’ have a blog, and I won’t post to my list at A Novel Challenge before late next week, so here is what I read.
    1. The Violent Bear it Away – Flannery O’Connor
    2. Get Shorty – Elmore Leonard
    3. Twain, Mark Huckebury finn
    4. Steinbeck, John Of Mice and Men
    5. Delta of Venus – Anaïs Nin
    6. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain
    7. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll
    8. The Fall of the House of Usher – Edgar Allan Poe
    9. The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath
    10. Black Water – Joyce Carol Oates


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