SIY Reading Challenge [Jan-March]

SIY Reading Challenge #3
For Jan to March period I’m going to follow the SIY (Set It Yourself) reading challenge at Bookcrossing forum here. There is also a webpage by fellow BCer to keep track of people’s goals.

So my goal is:
2 award winning books (which could also be 1001 books)
2 1001 books (which could also be award winning books)
2 books from bookcrossers

Apart from those, I’ve got the first Harry Potter borrowed from a friend and I spare some space for potential bookring/ray coming my way. I keep the list small so I won’t have too much pressure :). Just need to make sure that I won’t add more books into my ToBeRead pile, because I think it reaches to around 50 books now (I don’t wanna count exactly cos it’s scary). Will keep track of what I read for the next 3 months here.

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