The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan

the kitchen god's wifeI love this book to death! For me it’s the best of Amy Tan’s and the best of any novel I read in my life. Every word flows so right and sounds so meaningful. I kept saying it in my mind, “She’s such a genious!”

In this book Amy Tan tells the story that of her mother’s. From China to America, passed war, two marriages, lost children, and so on.

The choice of the title is very clever. Really, don’t you think it sounds like a cookbook, which makes you think that it probably wouldn’t take you nowhere but the household kitchen? Well you’re wrong! Because this story will take you far far away to mainland China like a dream (or a nightmare). Not until about half of the book that I realized the meaning of the title. It shows the entire book in a single line. Genious! =)

~ Finished on 30 June 2004

5 stars

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