The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan

the hundred secret senses - Amy TanThis is the 3rd book from Amy Tan, her first book that I read. It’s about Olivia, a half Chinese-American, that meets her half sister from China, Kwan.

A lot of stuff about ghosts, reincarnation, and basically all Chinese superstitions. There are two parallel stories going on, this life and previous life. Both’s equally interesting :)

What amazes me still is how the description of scene in the climax of story in China is so powerful. I had the picture so solid in my mind that even a year later, when I read The Opposite of Fate, in which Amy Tan explains that the scene is real, I knew exactly which one she means. Characters and plots are often strong in stories. But scenery? That’s pretty rare to me!

It’s a small village hidden in deep inland China, with path going up to a big old gate. Behind the cliff is a valley full of big rocks and thousands of caves all over the side of the mountains. That’s my attempt to describe it =D

4.5 stars
~ Finished it (roughly) on 30 January 2004

Shortlisted for 1996 Orange Prize for Fiction

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