The Bonesetter’s Daughter by Amy Tan

thebonesettersdaughterThis is the 4th book from Amy Tan. When I read it, the cover is different with the one I put here (found it in Amazon). Interestingly, I’m now in the middle of reading her 5th book (The Opposite of Fate) in which I found out that this cover is actually the photograph of her grandmother.

It starts from a girl that was raised by a nanny with scarred face, who unbeknown to her is her own mother, who bore her outside marriage and therefore casted away by her family. Only after the nanny killed herself because all disrespect that she felt from her own daughter, that she knew who she really was. This haunts her for long long years, even after she has her own daughter.

This is a story about grandmother, mother, and daughter. How past guilts and pain are brought over from generation to generation.

When I first read the book, I couldn’t even pronounce bonesetter. Apparently, it’s a totally chinese thing. A different name for a bone doctor. :) As weird as the title, I found the story is extra-ordinary.

4.5 stars
~ Finished it (roughly) on 25 February 2004

“I was like a turtle lying on its back, struggling to know why the world was upside down.”

Longlisted for 2001 Orange Prize for Fiction

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