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The Hundred Secret Senses
The Hundred Secret Senses

Amy Tan
Finished it (roughly) on
30 January 2004
(4.5 out of 5)

This is the 3rd book from Amy Tan, her first book that I read. It's about Olivia, a half Chinese-American, that meets her half sister from China, Kwan.

A lot of stuff about ghosts, reincarnation, and basically all Chinese superstitions. There are two parallel stories going on, this life and previous life. Both's equally interesting :)

What amazes me still is how the description of scene in the climax of story in China is so powerful. I had the picture so solid in my mind that even a year later, when I read The Opposite of Fate, in which Amy Tan explains that the scene is real, I knew exactly which one she means. Characters and plots are often strong in stories. But scenery? That's pretty rare to me!

It's a small village hidden in deep inland China, with path going up to a big old gate. Behind the cliff is a valley full of big rocks and thousands of caves all over the side of the mountains. That's my attempt to describe it =D